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The following definitions are understood for the purposes of this Privacy Notice:

I.- Lock.- The action to prevent treatment of Personal Data for any purposes, excepting its storage and access to determine possible liabilities relating the treatment of personal data.

II.- Cookies.- These are text files which are automatically downloaded and stored on the hard drive of the user’s computer equipment when navigating a specific Internet page or site, which allow the Internet server to store certain data, among others, preferred Internet pages, some codes and passwords.

III.- Personal data.- any information concerning to an identified or identifiable individual.

IV.- Days.- In accordance with the provisions of Article 3, Fraction VII of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in the Possession of Private Entities, the time frames established in days, shall be counted in working days.

V.- ARCO Rights.- These are Rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Objection established by Law and which name is derived from its initials.

VI. Person in charge.- Private or public individual or entity, external to the Responsible’s organization, whom treats personal data on behalf the Responsible, by means of a legal relationship between both.

VII.- Law.- Refers to the Federal Law for the Protection of personal data in the Possession of Particulars (Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de Particulares), published in the Official Gazette of the Federation (Diario Oficial de la Federación) on July 5th, 2010.

VIII.- VIII.- Responsible.- individual or entity of a private nature which decides on the processing of personal data, in this case refers to MMR&G Abogados, S.C.

IX.- Web beacons.- These are images inserted in Internet pages or sites and electronic mail and which can store information such as the users’s IP address and interaction time with Web sites, among others.

Reponsible of the protection of your personal data

Latex Occidental Exportadora, S.A. de C.V. with domicile at González Gallo 2290, Guadalajara, Jalisco, C.P. 44890, is Responsible of the treatment of your personal data.

Forms and means of contact

You can contact us by means of a written document, in Spanish, addressed to the IT Manager and sent to us at the following e-mail address:; by post to the following address: González Gallo 2290, Guadalajara, Jalisco, C.P. 44890; or by calling 52-(33)-38370222.

Purposes of Collected Personal Data

Your personal data will be used by the Responsible and Persons in Charge for the following purposes:

  1. Administrative purposes such as invoicing and follow up to the client.
  2. Access to the Responsible facilities’ and identification.
  3. Follow up and confirmation on the services hired.
  4. Collection of any amount and other disbursements of the services hired.
  5. To evaluate services quality and offer others similar.
  6. Updating, management control with suppliers and services in general.
  7. Rendering the services agreed with Latex Occidental Exportadora, S.A. de C.V.

Data collected and Means of Obtaining Personal Data

The personal data we gather from you, for the purposes described in this Privacy Notice, are gathered personally when you provide them to us directly, online and when we obtain information through other sources permitted by the law. Personal Data is gathered directly from you through various media, such as when you hire us a service. The data we gather directly and through the Internet are the following:

Personal Data:

  1. Full name
  2. Gender
  3. Domicile
  4. Marital Status
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Occupation
  7. Nationality
  8. Particular, office and cellular phone number
  9. E-mail
  10. Taxpayers’ id (Registro Federal de Contribuyentes)
  11. CURP (Clave Única de Registro de Población – Unique code of population registry)

Once the Personal Data’s purposes are accomplished, the Responsible will proceed to the Lock thereto for a 5 years period and following to their elimination.

Exercising ARCO rights

You have the right to access the Personal Data in our possession, have details of how we process them, rectification if they are inaccurate or incomplete, cancel them when you consider them to be unnecessary for any of the purposes contained in this Privacy Notice, which are used for purposes not consented to and, finally, to object to the processing of said data for specific purposes which you should state clearly (“ARCO” Rights).

Mechanisms for the Exercising of ARCO Rights

For these procedures, requirements and deadlines, you may contact our Personal Data department directly at the offices of the Responsible, by phone to the following phone number 52-33-38370222, via e-mail to the following address, or visit our website:

To exercise your ARCO Rights you may use any of the applications directly with our personal data department. In these applications you will find the steps to follow in order to exercise your rights.

After submitting your request for access, rectification, cancellation and opposition regarding your Personal Data, if appropriate, the Responsible will respond your request within the terms established by the Law, through physical or electronic means that you may authorize in your request.

The rights described above can be exercised by letter, written in Spanish, and delivered to e’mail without any cost, or for more information call the telephone: 52-(33)-38370222; or sent by regular post to the abovementioned address. For further information please contact the personal data department telephone 52- (33) 38370222. Your request will be processed within a period of twenty days maximum from the date of receipt of your request for access, rectification, cancellation or objection. We should make clear that the Federal Institute for access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (Instituto Federal de Acceso a la Información y Protección de Datos Personales) is entrusted with ensuring your ARCO Rights and regulation and verifying compliance with the Law.

Right to revoke consent for the processing data

You may revoke any consent you have given, at any time, for the processing of your personal data and the revocation will apply to all future use of the data. To do so you must submit your request as described in the section “Contact”. Your request should include your full name (name, middle name and surame(s)), a simple copy of your official identification or, for electronic means, a digitalized version (scan), mention of the e-mail or physical address assigned for notifications and a contact telephone number.

You will receive a response to your revocation application in a period of not more than twenty days counted from the date of receipt, by electronic means addressed to you personally and sent to the e-mail address given in the application itself of by letter sent to the physical address given for such purposes (the twenty-day period will be considered met on delivery to the postal service).

Transfer of Data

We also inform you that your Personal Data will not be transferred or treated by third parties different from the Responsible and Persons in Charge without your consent.

Changes to this Privacy Notice

We reserve the right to make changes to or up-date this privacy notice at any time. The changes that are made will be made available to the public by any of the following means: through our Internet website, by e-mail to the most recent address provided by you or personally by our personnel.

Information in Internet

You are advised that when you access our Internet site, we receive Cookies and Web Beacons to obtain information such as the type of browser and operating system, Internet sites recently visited, links you have followed recently, the IP address of your computer and the site you closed before entering our Internet site.

Date of last update: September 20, 2018.